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NIS – ISE a World Class Partnership
NIS have created a partnership with the elite LSE and London University Joint programs at the International School of Economics - ISE

From 01 March 2019 ISE recognizes the NIS Grade 12 Certificate as an entrance requirement for the ISE bachelor double degree programs. These programs truly set up NIS students for life, they graduate with 2 degrees one from the world class London School of Economics (LSE) in conjunction with the University of London - and one from KBTU. 
Cambridge Grade 12 NIS students with good math may choose to enter the exciting ISE University of London programs in Economics / Banking / Finance / Data Analytics- from the ISE Year 2. This saves you a full year of studies. 
NOTE - Students may take 2 simple steps to start the process - ALL interested students should contact Dana (mobile phone: 8 775 306 5208) from ISE . She will guide you to make sure you fulfill the simple 2 step ISE entry requirements”:

NIS First year students studying in the ISE London Room

NIS - Requirements for entering ISE Year 2:

Step 1: Provide letter from NIS as to date you will write certificate 12.
This NIS letter will book your provisional place in ISE and only when you pass mathematics exam in ISE we will confirm your offer. Your NIS letter will give you a 50% discount on standard fees. See table below.
Step 2: After this provisional offer - you will need you to bring a formal NIS Cambridge certificate to us. You will also need to prove IELTS and the ISE entrance math exam (see here for link).

The most important thing is to Contact Dana as we are limited to 100 first year students per year. The second year will be limited to 25 Grade 12 NIS students. 

Aizhan - From NIS Aktobe studying second year at ISE in the Kunauev Room. Aizhan went direct to second year with grade 12 Cambridge certificate
Once you graduate from ISE?

The next step after graduation - you may join us for a Masters Degree - or apply globally to do a Masters at the University of your Dreams. ISE makes all of this possible. 
There is also chance for 100% scholarship for excellent NIS students.
NIS Cambridge Certificate - Grade 12 Example
NIS Fees Table
Graduation at ISE :
  • Double degree:
    1. University of London Degree
    2. Kazakhstani Bachelor Degree
  • FRM Professional Qualification ( This is an extra elective done together with the AIFC).
  • Faculty – All are based in Kazakhstan – with PhD degrees from Columbia/ Harvard/ Northeastern/ Oxford/ Edinburgh.
ISE is Truly World class – work hard, Graduate with us an Undergraduate and go on do your Masters in World class institutions – we will certainly have prepared you for it!
  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • Stanford
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • LSE
Cost 20% of attending a full University year in London