Dean's Note
International School of Economics is a unique faculty of KBTU that has been a recognized teaching center of the University of London since 2005. All our students study for the University of London degree under the academic direction of the London School of Economics (LSE). It means that the study materials for each course are developed by one of the top universities in social sciences in the world, which is also one of the institutions of the University of London. Consequently, our students pass both internal exams of KBTU and external exams of the University of London.

World class faculty members with doctoral degrees from the best universities around the world are there to help you successfully complete your studies in ISE and achieve your goals. Our staff is committed to student success.

ISE has been a place of outstanding scholarly activities and excellence for many years. We teach our students not only how to study and apply their knowledge but also to be leaders and critical thinkers. Our students are competitive in the global markets which is reflected in their placements both in international companies and top western universities. We are looking for ambitious and hardworking students!

In 2020, ISE programs were extended to include a prestigious Data Science and Business Analytics program. This program is increasingly demanded in the modern workplace as data science analysis is expected to revolutionize our everyday life and change the social landscape.

On behalf of our faculty and staff let me welcome you in ISE, KBTU!

Professor Aidan Islyami
International School of Economics