Students of the International School of Economics (ISE) KBTU and UOL - BEST IN THE WORLD in academic performance
On February 12, 2019 students of the International School of Economics (ISE) of the KazakhBritish Technical University received certificates from a partner University of London (UOL) on achieving the best academic performance among UOL students - worldwide.
This is an important event - the University of London (UOL) and London School of Economics (LSE) are one of the most prestigious university bodies in the world. Their requirements for student achievement are extremely high, and the students of the ISE KBTU have once again confirmed the level of their knowledge.
3rd-year ISE students specialty of "Economics" and "Finance": Maria Chernysheva, Ayazhan Zhangalova, Galiya Musabaeva, Amina Abilkassym, Asiya Veshagurova and Danagul Kaliyeva were awarded for the best academic performance in all subjects of the UOL program.(6 ISE students achieved amoung the best marks in the world: Mariya Chernysheva, Ayazhan Zhangalova , Galiya Mussabayeva , Amina Abilkassym, Assiya Veshagurova and Danagul Kaliyeva .)
“The partnership of the International School of Economics KBTU with University of London is rapidly building its ranking as among the best in Asia, says Dean of ISE, Professor Kretzschmar . This Kazakh partnership between the world ranked London School of Economics and University of London sees our Kazakhstani students competing with students around the world, so we are proud to honor our best students, who are also the world's best".
  • To know that we have the best students worldwide is an Honor for KBTU and Kazakhstan, - says Rector Kenzhebek Niyazovich. - Our ISE Students graduate with a full Double Degree - one from Kazakhstan and one from University of London."
  • ISE students graduate from ISE into the 3 top consultancies of McKinsey, BCG and Bain, as well as top investment banks.
  • FRM - Our ISE student excellence also means they are being given the opportunity to write full professional exams while they are students! ISE is the academic partner to the Astana Financial centre in the Financial Risk Management examination, this means our students graduate, not only with a double degree but also with a professional qualification.
"KBTU is responding to the needs of our country by educating the best students to international standards,- says Kenzhebek Niyazovich. - Our faculty are from Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Oxford and Edinburgh Universities - all of which rank in the top 25 globally. This means we are able to teach our best students to world class standards - in English - in Kazakhstan! "
The results of such a strategy are obvious - students of the Kazakh-British Technical University are the becoming the best of the best. The management and faculty of the university are continue to create all conditions for the highest level of student's achievement and invite Kazakhstani students to the International School of Economics KBTU.

CFA Institute Research Challenge is the most important global competition in finance – for finance. So congratulations to KBTU International School of Economics (ISE) which wins the Central Asian final of CFA Challenge!
Only one team, the winners go to Europe – ISE won and so our ISE team will go to semi final in Zurich to compete for the world title in final at New York. Everything in this prestigious competition is paid for by CFA institute for the teams. What a great experience for students!
ISE team is Amina Abilkassym, Oxana Kurilova, Raimzhan Bayterek, Gaziz Kazbekov and Yevgeniy Kim.