• Altynay Assenova
    Vice President – Trading

  • Amina Abilkassym
    President – Portfolio and risk Management

  • Ayazhan Zhangalova
    Vice President – Fixed Income and Equity

Welcome to ISE Trading Club!
Our aim is to build a foundation for smart and enthusiastic students with similar interests in finance to learn main investing techniques and principles, share ideas and discuss trading strategies.
The main focus is to help students apply their theoretical knowledge and develop analytical and practical skills in evaluating financial assets, gain experience in managing a portfolio of financial securities.
To achieve our goals, we run regular meetings that take place in KBTU Bloomberg Financial Lab, where students learn more about financial analysis and financial markets.
Besides that, the club organizes social events for members, arranges guest lectures and invites financial experts. Also, we run trading simulation competitions to give students a true feeling of becoming a trader.
We hold and actively manage a portfolio of stocks traded on the American Stock Exchange. Altogether we decide on most prominent investment opportunities and argue about risky ones.
The membership of the club is available for all ISE students who passed AP exams - meaning 2,3,4 year students. The recruitment of new members takes place at the beginning of every semester. It includes 3 stages: motivational letter, basic test on finance, interview.
  • Trading Altynay Assenova Madiyar Kyzaibekov Akzhan Dauit Raimzhan Bayterek Dmitriy Li
  • Fixed Income and Equity Ayazhan Zhangalova Rustam Merekenov Ayazhan Kazimova Jamilya Shamgunova Akzhar Kuanyshev
  • Portfolio and risk Amina Abilkassym Gaziz Kazbekov Maxim Khvan Raimbek Zhalgasbay
A Chinese proverb says – “Tell me and I will forget. Show me, and maybe I’ll remember. Make me a part, and I will understand”. Become a part of ISE Trading, if you really want to understand financial markets and investment strategies and feel what does it mean to work together as a unit.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a member/investor or if you have any other questions isetradingclub@gmail.com.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Gavin Kretzschmar
Welcome to ISE Case Club!

Grow, practice, win and be a leader with us!

ISE Case Club- is an association of ambitious, talented and hard-working students, who are interested in solving business cases, aspiring to self-development, leadership and an outstanding experience for future career prospects.

In our club, you will
  • Improve your soft skills
  • Learn how to apply all theoretical background into the real world cases and its business processes.
  • Start to think in a different way, develop your analytical and critical reasoning skills.
  • Manage your time effectively, structuring all relevant information, learn how to do research properly and search for non-standard, creative decisions.
Make an ease transition from a dedicated student to a successful, professional specialist, expert in all the industries. What do we do for that purposes?
  • Workshops – case study theory: what is a case and how to solve it, builidng hyphothesis , main frameworks ,books , public speaking
  • Case Simulations - Practice in solving cases: Highly structured, Harvard cases, Short vignetts e.t.c
  • Guest Lecturers from the top companies Big3, Big 4, Grant Thornton e.t.c
  • Case competitions- Organization and preparation (see calendar below)
Current objects:

Registration deadline: February 28th

CBS Case Competition 2019
Registration deadline: February 11th
Competitions schedule 2019-2020
  • Ismagulova Amina
    -3d year student

  • Asem Zhanadilova
    -3d year student

We welcome your ideas and involvement! . Please contact us at: Amishais1998@gmail.com , or zhanadilova002@gmail.com