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  • Yekaterina works as a business analyst at Microsoft in Seattle, WA
    Seattle, USA
    Yekaterina Rekhert
    (graduate of 2015)

  • Aslan works in London at KPMG - one of the Big 4 accountancy firms providing professional services
    London, UK
    Aslan Sissekenov
    (graduate of 2012)

  • After graduation Aida studied in Hult Business School in Shanghai. Now she is an enterpreneur and runs her own consulting company.
    Shanghai, China
    Aida Meirman
    (graduate of 2012)

  • After graduation Halida got her Master's degree from University of Notingham in UK. Now she works at FMCG company in Moscow.
    Moscow, Russia
    Halida Galimova
    (graduate of 2013)

  • Agila is currently doing her Master's degree in Management at IE Business School in Madrid
    Madrid, Spain
    Agila Karakayeva
    (graduate of 2016)

  • After his internship in Silicon Valley Bakhytzhan has built his own start-up company "Intellection" specializing in mobile app development.
    Silicon Valley, USA
    Bahytzhan Baizhikenov
    (graduate of 2012)

  • After graduating from ISE Konstantin first worked at KPMG in Almaty and then was transferred to UK. Now he works in the London office of KPMG.
    London, UK
    Konstantin Kravchenko
    (graduate of 2012)

  • Meruyert graduated from ISE with First Class Honours and was invited to the Leadership Development Program at Mars
    Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Meruyert Yerkebulan
    (graduate of 2014)