Fees and Scholarship 2019-2020
Estimates: without considering scholarships, grants and stipends
Bachelors - There has never been a better time to study at ISE:
100 1st year places – with 50 exceptional Scholarships AVAILABLE !!!
NIS schools - given ISE 'top scholarship' discounts. For all students from these schools ISE tuition for KBTU is 50% - for EACH year of study.
All School graduates - with A Levels or with International Baccalaureate certificate go directly to SECOND year.
Tuition is paid on credit - the (undiscounted) cost of one credit is 60 000 tenge

Undergraduate programs

Year of study Degree KBTU tuition for residents АР exam or University of London fees Total payment for residents Total payment for international students
Year 1 Mathematics & Economics $6980 $750 $7730 $9000
Year 1 Economics $6980 $750 $7730 $9000
Year 1 Economics & Finance $6980 $750 $7730 $9000
Year 2 Mathematics & Economics $6325 $2500 $8825 $10000
Year 2 Economics $6325 $2800 $9125 $10000
Year 2 Economics & Finance $6325 $2800 $9125 $10000
Year 3 Mathematics & Economics $5355 $2500 $7855 $10500
Year 3 Economics $5200 $2750 $7950 $10500
Year 3 Economics & Finance $5355 $2750 $8105 $10500
Year 4 Mathematics & Economics $5200 $2500 $7700 $11000
Year 4 Economics $5200 $2600 $7800 $11000
Year 4 Economics & Finance $5200 $2800 $8000 $11000
Graduate and Masters Dual Degree Program - 2.1 million tenge + University of London Graduate Program Fees (estimate 2000 pounds)
KBTU Masters in Digital Strategy & Innovation
Professional - FRM (Financial Risk Management) - AIFC Scholarships available
* average tuition and fees were calculated without taking into account
stipends, scholarships, grants or discounts and can slightly vary from year to year

Categories of scholarships and stipends
Amazing 10 Full scholarships for Top students
Residents are provided with 100% KBTU grants
for education based on their performance on Unified National Test (UNT)
and pre-university academic achievements
(Altyn belgi; Red book/diploma; IELTS; Math)
30 Partial Scholarships for Talented Top students
Also for new students is provided partial scholarships 25%, 33% and 67% from KBTU based on pre-university academic achievements and social needs.
Special discounts for NIS & BIL (KTL) students
Our university provided 50% discount for new students from "Nazarbayev Intellectual School" and KTL "Bilim Innovation" Lyceum
Honours Board
In order to support academic excellence in ISE our faculty allocates scholarships for the five top students based on their GPA results
"Working as a teaching assistant not only I got financial support but also improved my public speaking skills"
Rustem Shinkaruk
teaching assistant
"I am so happy to be a holder of Taiburyl stipend. Huge thanks for that!"
Aigerim Zhanibekova
"Taiburyl" stipend holder
"I want to express my gratitude to my favorite university for the provided sholarship!"
Assel Bexaiynova
KBTU scholarship holder
based on her AP exam results
“Almaty - the city of my dreams!"
“Almaty is my city of dreams!"
Estimate of monthly living EXPENSES
Despite the fact that monthly cost of living largely depends on your lifestyle, ISE estimates that students should allow minimum $250 up to $750 per month for all living expenses, including accommodation, travel, food, laundry, study costs, and other personal expenses.
Estimate of monthly living EXPENSES
Despite the fact that monthly cost of living largely depends on your lifestyle, ISE estimates that students should allow minimum $250 up to $750 per month for all living expenses, including accommodation, travel, food, laundry, study costs, and other personal expenses.

Students' Dormitory
ISE provides foreign students with free accomodation in
comfortably furnished rooms with Internet facilities, separate study rooms with Wi-Fi Internet coverage, utility rooms and rooms equipped with automatic washing machines and ironing boards.There are two buffets operating at a convenient time for students. For students' leisure activities there are lounges with cable TV and a gym. Outside the buildings there are arbors and a mini-football field. Pines, junipers, lilacs, and the well-kept lawn create a friendly and peaceful atmosphere where you can rest from the bustle of the city.
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Private housing
Such type of accomodation costs vary considerably depending on location and type, but start at approximately £200 per month. A benefit of the university's central location is that the campus is easily accessible from all corners of Almaty, so you can allow greater flexibility when searching for the right place. Some landlords offer bills inclusive packages but often it is the responsibility of the tenants to manage and pay utility bills. Try to weigh up rent alongside your travel expenses – whilst a room far from center is likely be cheaper than a room near university, you will need to use public transport daily to get to campus.

Public transport
It is essential to factor travel expenses into your budget, especially if you will be living further out and will be relying on public transport regularly. As a student, you are entitled to receive 50 per cent off standard public transport fares if you purchase a Onai Card.
Estimated costs for public transport comprise $10 - $20 per month
Despite Almaty is a big dynamic city, taxi is not expensive here. There are also different companies such as Uber and Yandex.Taxi that provide transportation services.
The average cost is less than 50 cents per mile.

Foods and drinks
Food costs will account for a significant part of your budget, especially if you are renting privately or living in self-catered halls. There are steps you can take to reduce your food expenditure, for example, shopping at local markets, clubbing together and cooking with your flatmates, and bringing a packed lunch to university.
Generally speaking, it is estimated that students will spend $150-$300 per month on food depending on circumstances.


Study costs include stationery and any other equipment to assist you with your studies. Luckily, a large amount of reading material is now available online and all the books are provided with the KBTU library. There are many PCs available for students to use around the University building. Estimated annual study costs are about $30-$50.


Different activities
Personal expenses can cover anything from clothing, to gym memberships, to nights out, and so by nature are hugely variable. Plan how much spare cash you have to play with carefully, and take advantage of the Chocolife and Groupon offers.

Remember that, Almaty is also full of fun things to do. For instance, you can visit many of Almaty's mountains or lakes without paying a penny. There are special discounts for students in cinemas, theatres and other places. In addition, as part of KBTU Students' Union, you'll be able to take part in many different student societies.